Instead of finding stuff on our own, wouldn't it be better if we could do it together and save time?

If you have already taken your exams, how about helping out future students so your efforts don't go to waste?

Or maybe you are a tutor interested in teaching without borders?

With 10k monthly users from around 50 countries, StudentBase is a community where you can do all of the above. These are the goals:

  • Everything in one place
  • Best Resources
  • Ease of Access
  • Every Subject
  • Free
  • Credit where due

If you have anything useful to share, send it over using the form below. It could be links to other websites, content someone else made (remember to mention their name), something you wrote yourself, or tips/experience to share.

If you want to submit handwritten or printed content, you can take pictures of them using CamScanner.

If you want to submit a bunch of files together, select the content type as "Collection".